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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Today we are missing Texas!

We Miss the Dallas Zoo

We Miss Our TX suntans
We miss baking treats for neighbors

We miss our back yard

But most of all, we miss our TX friends!

We really, really miss our friends!

Family camp-in

But we love the CO snow!

We have been doing lots of family projects. This is a microwaved bar of Dove soap.

Family Minute to Win it games are our new favorite pass time.

Jacob and Sam both won in school art competition. Good job boys!

Kids are loving their new Daddy date nights.

We even tie-dyed shirts, finally. That's Ben's.

We are trying lots of fun new recipes.

Pancake happy faces

New house, so exciting.

We sometimes import TX friends for marble races.

Girls love ballet class!

We do like the Denver Aquarium

Brownies on a stick for 4th of July

Family bike rides are so much cooler here

Jacob and Sam made rides (Tunnel Slide here) and charge pennies for rides.


HILL HESS said...

We really REALLY miss you too! You are doing so many fun things! Oh, you really need to just move back here!!!!!! :(

kim&ryan said...

We miss you guys too. A LOT!!!! Can't wait to see you in another few months!

emraines said...

We miss you guys too. Love seeing all those pictures.

Kirsti said...

I seriously have been thinking about you all day! This post is cool! I love all the fun things youve been doing and need to steal some ideas!!

Keri and Neal said...

We miss you! CO looks great though. I want to eat that salad (okay, and the brownie pops) and Jacob and Sam are going to be the two that pay for that extra nice old folks home you end up in. As I scroll through your picks I think, how did you find time to take all of the pictures. Love you!

Jeni said...

Awww, all the TX friends miss you guys too! Looks like you're having lots of fun in CO too though. (We're totally jealous!) Hope you come back and visit sometime!